I need some help. I am running Zenworks 10.3 and had to rebuild my dev environment. I cloned a production server and renamed the clone for my Dev. These are both Virtual machines hosted on SLES 11.1 with XEN After changing the IP and Host name for the cloned system I uninstalled Zenworks to ensure that I have a fresh install for the DEV Zone. Then I restarted ZCM1 which is 1 of 3 production servers for ZCM10.3. Much to my surprise it is no longer in the hierarchy and has a broken service.
I can view the console with VNC and also able to log into the ZCC. So, what do I need to do to get it back into the Zone and Zones hierarchy?
Exact service failure message reads:
SEVERE: There was an error starting Novell ZENworks Management Agent. Starting Novell ZENworks AgentMissing initial-web-service file ..failed

Any help is appreciated