first of all: Sorry for my bad english, I am from Germany. ;-)

I have problems to connect to an VPN server.

First, a overview of the network:

PC 1 PC 2PC 3 PC 4
+------------------+ +------------------------------+
| my Windows PC | | Linux Box
| | VPN Server |
| Windows PC |
| BM 3.7 SP 1 | ---LAN---|eth0
| ---- Internet ---|ext. device int. device |----LAN------|
PC Anywhere |
| | |
dyn. IP |
| 195.X.X.X | |
+------------------+ +------------------------------+

I am sitting at PC 1 and I have to change some settings on PC 4.

Therefor I hav installed the Boardermanager 3.7 SP1 on my Windows

My Linux Box is masquerading the LAN traffic that goes to the internet

(using iptables).

When I try to connect to PC 3 (the VPN Server) the connection will beestablished. The
connection window disappear and the Boardermanager-Icon appears in the

When I try to ping PC 4 the packets will be sent, but no packets werereceived.

After 5 or 10 seconds the Boardermanager displays an error-messge:
The german text is: "Der VPN Server reagiert nicht. Verbindung wird
I guess in the englisch Boardermanager it will be:
"The VPN server doesnt' answer. Connectrion will be cancled."

In the status-window of the Boardermanager the remote IP is correct.
local IP is my LAN-IP:

Is it possible, that this is the problem ??

When I use a dial-up-connection for the internet (over an ISDN-card)
connection will work. The connection
with PC Anywhere, too.

So, I don't know what to do. The masquarading works fine. I can use
Internet, FTP-client ect. from my PC (PC 1).

I hope someone can help me.