we have Vibeonprem 3 running on SLES11SP1 64bit. I'm trying to setup a
mirrored folder. I installed Novell client on SLES11 server and mounted the
remote NSS cluster volume (first tried with ncpmount, but it did not display
special characters right). Then I created mirrored folder and started manual
sync. No files or folder appeared. Tried using both locations where Novell
client maps the remote nss volume:
/var/opt/novell/nclmnt/root/SERVER/VOLUME/Folder and
/media/volume which is a softlink to first mount

in Catalina.out log file no error is logged when performing sync, only that
the sync is starting and then that it's completed with success(0),

If I try to add a file from Vibe I get

Error storing primary file: filename (fiAdapter) - I/O error:
serverlocation/filename (Permission Denied)

Vibe is running with it's own user and group as requested in the docs.
Files on mounted nss volumes have root:root ownerships and cannot be

What am I doing wrong