Hi guys,

i received the honorable task to choose which SSL cert. provider we will use in the future.
So i thought, why not to ask in here what the novell people are using? If there are any Webserveradmins in here?

What we need is a good spread of the Providers RootCA's over the world and browsers (like all i think ^^)
Therefore i should tend to VeriSign but i'm not so happy with them. They change their intermediate cert's too frequently... Also they are really annoying if one cert is going to be invalid. They send a bunch of reminder mails, even real letters! Maybe that's a reason why they are so expensive? i could live without mails and letters!!

So.. what would be a good alternative to VeriSign?
All informations i have until know is a statement from all big providers that they have 99% coverage and their prices.
If you wish i could provide a small table with comparison of prices of Verisign,TC Trust,GeoTrust,Thawte for 1 to 3 years with and without EV. (Don't know if prices and comparisons are allowed here...)

Have you good experience with Thawte? Except it's much cheaper than VeriSign

Thanks for your answers!