Hi all: Ran into an interesting issue this morning. To preface this issue, let me start off by says our employees travel to different offices (different OUs). We also use dynamic local user AND group policies. We also have folder redirection for the desktop and start menu.

When a user logs off Windows performs a sync back to the server for which folder redirection was pointing. What I am seeing is that if a user from a different OU has logged into a computer in the past, and then a new user logs in who exists in another OU, the sync process will attempt to sync to both servers.

For example, say Sally is in ou=gr and bill is in ou=mk. Sally logs into a workstation. When see logs out the computer sync to the local server, gr14. Now bill logs into the same computer. When he logs out the computer syncs to mk11 and ALSO tries to sync to gr14.

This is new behavior with ZCM11. any suggestions? Thanks, Chris.