First the system data:

WinXP SP1 with BM VPN client 3.7 and NW Client 4.83 SP2.
Connected to IP over Dell Router connected to ATT Broadband Modem.
MB Server NW6 SP2 eDir 8.6.2 running BM 3.7.

I can connect to the BM server (obtaining a VPN connection). However,

when I try to Login with NWClient I receive the following error:

"The Tree or Server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or

I've selected the VPN connection and entered the IP address of the
I'm trying to authenticate to in the "Server" field and left the Tree
Context blank (and tried filling in the data).

We tested this out on a Win2K PC and were successfull. The one major

difference is this. The Win2K PC had more than one TCP/IP entry in
the "Local Area Connection Properties - General" section.
there was one for the VPN. We set this as the Default connection and

listed the IP of the Gateway of the BM server. Yet when I look at my

WinXP PC, there isn't a corresponding entry.

Any Ideas???????

Chris Premo