I'm troubleshooting slow logins. Tough to pin down considering we login to novell client + AD + ZCM, etc. So, I did a packetcapture using wireshark. I'm seeing a bunch of references to SecretStore. I dont know what it is, but I'm thinking something in the client is looking for it.

"C SecretStore - Ping server"
"R Secret Store not running on this server, NCP Not Supported"

It looks like its attempting this sequence for every server in whatever container/replica its looking in. Just above the secretstore attempts, I see:

"C NDS Read -> Attribute Name & Value / Replica, Object Name - ASB"
"C NDS Read - > Attribute Name & Value / Network Address, Object Name - CN =FS4.OU=SF.O=ASB"
then, 4 responses of dif server names
NDS Resolve Name -> Storage.Sf.ASB
NDS Resolve Name -> FSU.SLC.ASB
NDS Resolve Name -> EMAIL.Sf.ASB
NDS Resolve Name -> FSO.Ore.ASB

FSO and FSU are both located across WAN links, which obviously isnt good.

Anyone know is this is some feature of the client I have enabled? I'd like to stop it if possible. No reason for a workstation to travel across the WAN during login.