I have encountered an issue that LVM snapshot of big volume is too easy to corrupt.

Platform: SuSE 11 SP1 x64;
Volume size: 6TB;
LVM snapshot backing store size: 4TB.
File system: ext3.

Basically, what i did is to take an LVM snapshot of a 6TB ext3 volume, leave lVM snapshot unmounted, "dd" a file of 4KB on the source ext3 volume, wait for 1 minutes, and mount LVM snapshot.

"mount" reports failure to detect file system type, basically the snapshot image is corrupted.

When i reduce the source volume size to 500GB, it works fine.
When i repeat the same testing on SuSE10SP2, it works fine.

I am wondering if on SuSE11SP1, there is a limit on the size of the volume LVM is able to handle.