Hi everyone,

Here is a crucial issue, for us in our school district:

We have all of our workstations registered in Zen 10.3 database. Everytime a new computer is imaged for the first time, the Zen agent is installed on it and a new workstation object is automatically created in our Zen Zone. But when we reimaged some computers that have been already in the zone, after that we install the Zen agent and it creates another object entry of this workstation and this way, 2 objects are in the zone !

I know that we could do a "zac unreg " but we have about 9000 workstations in our school district, we don't want our techniciens to do some commands on each machine that they reimaged, we want that management of workstations objects automatically managed..... it's why we use zenworks !!

Also, on the registration section on the server, we have activated the "Enable automatic renaming of devices" but it seems that this option is only for the renaming, not if we reimaged computers...

help please !

thank you !


Device name already existed