We have upgraded our Teaming Server to OnPrem 3.0. I am trying to integrate Novell Messenger 2.2.

On the MessengerService object I have added the Allowed Service User I created to the Allowed Service User field under the Novell Messenger >> Service ACL tab in ConsoleOne.

If I close the Properties of the MessengerService and then reopen the User is no longer in the Allowed Service Users field.

This is why, I assume but not sure, I receive this error in the Novell Messenger Messaging Agent Log file: (The OnPrem server and the Messenger server are two different servers).

12:23:12 BA0 SPL Login failed [0xD106]: ::ffff:xxx.xx.x.xxx - Access to the system has been denied

The OnPrem server catalina.out file has this error:

Feb 3, 2011 5:36:17 PM com.novell.messenger.presence.NMPresenceManager$Re connectThread run
SEVERE: Reconnect try failed with error: d106

Any ideas what the issue may be.

Thank you!