We have a pool of 'checkout' laptops which are used both inside our network,
and outside.of it. Not used with a VPN.

We also have some dedicated desktops which connect through our network via a

Both sets of these devices are configured with full disk encryption, and
auto login to windows to a generic account.
(i.e. after entering the encryption password, it will dump them to the

We currently have passivemode turned on for ZCM, so that they are not
prompted on boot up to login to ZCM (since we have no idea where they may be
when using the equipment, or what the state of their connection is).

VPN users then would connect to their internet connection, then VPN, then
novell, and then have to manually authenticate to ZCM as well.
i.e. Power On->Encryption Password->Windows Desktop -> Network connection
-> VPN connection -> eDir Authentication -> ZCM authentication

The notebooks do the same (without the vpn step).

Is there any way to trigger ZCM to use the logged in credentials, after the
destop is loaded (without manually logging in thru the NAL?
(i.e. after novell client has connected).

In ZDM7, it was simply a matter of ensuring that nalwin was called AFTER the
edirectory authentication happened (i.e. by calling nalwin32 thru the login

This doesn't work however for ZCM.

Is there any known way to make work correctly for these types of usages?