dear all,

i've got a question concerning vpn and "fast" internet access
ethernet access in hotels.

from time to time our traveling sales persons are reporting that they

can't access our system by using vpn.

although they can login into vpn and the connection seems to work they

can't access any system within our private lan and we found out that
ping doesn't work.

i read in some tid's that the implementation of nat by the router
manufacturers can cause problems (cisco and netgear seem to be good /

working) and therefore i thought i found the explanation for this
now the traveling sales persons report the following:

problem occurs, but doing the following will help:

- DON'T connect the ethernet cable to the notebook

- boot the notebook (w2k)

- connect the ethernet hotel cable to the notebook

- open ie (new content or refresh)

- LEAVE the ie OPEN

- start vpn (bm3.6 server last pach, newest client)

works fine !!!!

beside any logical explanation for this behavior (temperature, air
pressure, luftdruck, witchcraft) :-))) is there a technical one ?