I'm working on a pre production ZCM setup. We're running ZDM 7 at the moment. We make heavy use of the NAL in our current environment. I'm looking into using ZCM to deliver application shortcuts to the desktop instead of using the NAL. That part is fine. However, I'm reluctant to push shortcuts to programs that are inaccessible to our mobile users when they're at home with their laptops.

An example would be the rich GroupWise client. We don't allow people to connect directly to the POs from outside our network. If they have the icon on their desktop, they may feel like they can use it all of the time, leading to confusion.

I was wondering if these two solutions are possible with ZCM, and how?

1. Only show the icon if the laptop/desktop can communicate with the ZCM server. Is this configuration an option?

2. Use the application launcher as an obvious "network only" zone. I would need the app launcher to load only when it can communicate with the ZCM server, just like the individual icon from option 1. Is this possible without using the Novell login script mechanism?

Thanks for any info or suggestions you could offer.