Just wanted to have some better ideas on how you guys are switching between those two different PE versions at the tftp server as a third party provider.

I'm using MDT 2010 to create my light touch environments; and using zcm for the pxe part.
What I'm doing now is basicaly renaming the WinPE I want to use (either x86 or x64) to "winpe.win" so that zcm will send the desired one.

What I wanted to know is there any other way ? Like making an extra line inside the pxe menu for choosing between x86 and x64 version?

Inside the /srv/tftp/pxemenu.txt the line concerning the WinPE uses "pxelinux.0, winpe.cfg" files, any chance to edit them to acheive the desired result?

Many thanks for your kind help

Best Regards