My ZCM environment is:

- 5 primary servers running ZCM 10.3.1 on Windows 2008

- A external MSSQL on a dedicated server.

- 10 satellite servers on my remotes sites.

- 3.000 devices on the zone.

Now I want to upgrade to 10.3.2 my environment. This is the first time that upgrade my production environment and Iím not sure if this is the correct way, basically:

-Upgrade without stage, one to one, my 5 primary servers, using System Update from ZCC

-Upgrade without stage, one to one, my 10 satellite servers on remotes sites, using System Update from ZCC

- Create differents stages to distribute the 3000 devices, using System Update from ZCC.

Iím worried about the upgrade because I donít know when the upgrade is baselined Ņ?

If Iím not wrong, when an upgrade is baselined it is sent to all the devices together, without control Ņ? I do not want that to happen.

Please can anyone with experience on upgrade ZCM give recomendations about it?

A lot of thanks