We are not using SYSPREP to create our images. That might be part of the issue, but most machines are imaging just fine.

Netware 6.5 SP8
Newest Zen7
Not sure if the agent is the newest, but it's not too far behind.
XP Pro SP3 freshly updated. I use CCleaner and defrag before imaging.

The problem: After imaging has complete and I reboot the machines, the Zenworks Imaging Windows Agent stays on the screen and won't go away. I also get "Your system is low on virtual memory, etc.". The user profile is default Windows and not what it should be.

At some point after sitting, they will boot fine and the right desktop will be there.

On new machines we don't have this issue. It only happens on previously imaged machines, but not all. I had a batch at the end of the summer, and not I'm imaging a lab and get the same problem. The ones at the end of the summer, I gave up working on and went back to them later, and they worked fine, so not sure how long it takes, but I left them going for a day or two at one point before giving up on them the first time.