Hello all,

We are finally getting in Win7 on our network and so far so good until I hit the No NDPS option on the new client. Then after reading it states I have to use the latest client, latest netware,etc....

Well after reading all of the information and downloading the NW65SP8.zip file I was reading on and on one doucment it states that if I have EDIR (which I have .9) I need to install patch XXXXX.XXX.

Can I upgrade my server from 6.5sp7 with the current edir or do I need to upgrade edir to a higher number? Also when I do a version on my server it states:

Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5 Support Pack revision 07

Novell eDirectory Version SMP

We need to get the printers on these systems but didn't think was going to involve all this. I do not have a problem upgrading just cautious.

So I guess my simple question is Can I go from what I have with the zip file to sp8 and then any other sp's that fall in after?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time..