might not be anything,,,or might be a problem ?

inhouse, we've setup a 2nd domain/po on Linux and moved a couple of
our users from our existing POA on Netware 6.5.

On the linux box, the scheduled gwcheck more or less reports
" 93 Unused blob files (deleted)........................ " on every
run it does. Checking the log, time and time again if states;
Problem 93- Unused blob file (missing trailer
Blob type unknown, FieldId=0
No further info available for this Blob
- deleting file

Also noticed; the error comes up just once per directory;
fd0, fd1,fd2, etc etc, but it does NOT come up in each.

( meaning not showing for each dir, but when it shows, it's a single
time per directory )

So,, what could this mean..? Im having a shrinking gw setup due to
"-deleting file" on a weekly basis ??