I'm planning to migrate my Netware boxes to a NetApp NAS with CIFS file access.
I have several issues during my workshop and training period.

Here is my actual environment :
- 3 nodes Netware 6.5 cluster
- eDir V 8.8 SP4
- Workstations under windows XP SP2, novell client 4.91SP4

- Netapp FAS 2020 (7.3.5) and FAS 2040 (8.0.1)
- CIFS activated and accept clients SAMBA V1 and V2

Here is my 2 main issues :
- Access to the new share drives on the Netapp are versy slow (30 sec)
- Clients have Bad Name Server Cache Timeout :0
- bad name cache : disable
- on a workstation without novell client, share drives come immediatly
- I need to migrate 6To of data to the Netapp, and data transfer are very very slow
- The data are compressed on NSS volumes
- I have no space left on my drives (less than 20Go). It seems like during data transfer (Robocopy, Supercopier...) file are decompressed first...And that is a big big issue for me!

Do you have any info or tips to help me in order to get out of this situation?

Many thanks