I've just run ZDC with the 11.0.0 definition. Database and Zenworks content - no problems. But.....
the File verifier is not happy. Mainly Ruby's fault (who ever she is).
Every package name and Owner/Group is correct. But the size and checksums are all over the place.

About 40 of these...

File '/opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ruby' is inconsistent!!!
Size: expected = 8580, actual = 12744
Checksum: expected = 1115e9bf, actual = 49eccf42
Owner: expected = zenworks, actual = zenworks
Group: expected = zenworks, actual = zenworks
Package name: expected = novell-zenworks-ruby-1.8.7.p72-22.1, actual = novell-zenworks-ruby-1.8.7.p72-22.1

Can I rebuild Ruby??
Anyone else??