VPN client won't make the connection to the BM server. Info:

Client : Windows XP, SP 1
VPN client: 3.7.0, downloaded and installed a week or two ago.

Server : SPACK 5.1.4 v4.0 Support Pack for NetWare 5.1

BM : BM36SP 3.6.1A BorderManager 3.6 Support Pack 1A
BRDRMGR 3.5.0 Novell BorderManager 3.6.0

Connection: Cable modem
Other: The workstation is a Panasonic Toughbook laptop and seems to
require IPCONFIG /RELEASE, IPCONFIG /RENEW when we connect it to the
cable modem. No router/hub at the remote location. After these, theworkstation can browse the Internet.

Most recent Error Message:

-> Failed authenticating user
-> VPTunnel Driver returned an error

The user is admin equivalent. I can make the connection from my house

using his name and password (and, of course, using my name and
as well). He cannot connection from his house using my name/pword orhis own. I am running an older VPN client, 3.5.3. We reinstalled the

VPN client on the problem machine yesterday but it didn't change

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions - I'm stumped. Patches to
on the server?