Ultimate Question: Is anyone out there currently running a similar sized network/devices/satellites/WAN links with ZCM and it's working?

We have been told that we may be asking too much of ZenWorks.

Current Setup:
2 Primary Physical Servers - SLES 10.2
External Microsoft SQL Database
ZCM 10.3.1
2500 Devices - will be around 3500-4500 once additional locations are deployed.
Content Repo is currently around 8 GB

~130 External locations - most with a 768K link

We ultimately have around 130 WAN locations where we were planning on installing Satellites. We had a couple...they seemed fine....we added 10 satellites (we were told that we shouldn't have added so many at one time because the servers couldn't keep up) ....some of the satellites (possibly all, but I'm not certain of this) synchronized content 100% for at least a few days. At some point, ALL satellites were no longer synchronized. We have been working daily with Novell - escalated engineers - to try to solve this issue. We applied a fix that is included in 10.3.2, but so far, this has not resolved the issue.

Any ideas are welcome, but at this point, I'd really like to hear from others who have multiple WAN locations and satellites with the Content Role.... and find out:
1. Are they synchronizing for you?
2. What is your setup?
3. What is the speed of your links?
4. How many satellites have you setup at a time?
5. Any suggestions for rolling out ~130 locations quickly?
6. What is the size of your content-repo?