On: Build 290
Phone HTC TouchPro HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5

Since build 115 we have sometime issues about calendar items that didn't synchronize.
The strange thing is, this issue is random. We have users from who the synchronize always is ok. But some other users have calendar items in GroupWise which doesn't sync. A workaround is to delete the user/pda form our Mobilesync server, format the PDA and start over again, then all calendar items are synchronized.
But that's not a nice solution I think.

For example now I have a user that have an appointment on February 10, 2011 which start on 3:15 pm, the appointment takes 6 hour and 15 minute. This calendar item doesn't synchronize. Very strange because when I make exactly the same appointment in my own calendar, it's synchronizing ok to my PDA. So I decide to change the appointment from 6 hour and 15 minutes to 6 hour and 30 minutes.
In the meantime I monitored the -default.pipeline1.mobility-AppInterface.log and I see a error occured:
2011-02-08 12:45:13.557 ERROR [CP WSGIServer Thread-20] [sync:500] [userID:cn=user,ou=organisation,o=our_company] [eventID:] [objectID:] [Sync] Sync(collapse): Error in Add Event of Device Image for b1459e72039a11e0aed6000c291d75ea.

Is there anyone who can help me out with this issue?

Dick van 't Veld
Gemeente Nijkerk