Using GW 8.02HP2 on NW 6.5

I have 1 user who set up a cleanup rule and ended up deleting 90% of
his mail.
I have created a Restore Area and restored the GW files to that location

I then connect to the Backup of the user's mail - so far so good.

2 Problems :

1. When restoring items from folders (ie - within the cabinet), GW
hangs. The itemsslected are restored but I have to close GW and
re-start it.

2. Over the past 2 days I have been restoring the mail items for the
user going folder by folder. Now I go back to a previous folder and
now there are more items listed there to restore ... AND again a third
time when I go back to the same folder

The funny part is that if I select all the items listed - they do get
restored into the live mailbox - when I go back, there may be 100 more
new ones to restore !!

What am I doing wrong here ?