Hi All

I am using ZCM10.3.1 and XPSP3. We are doing an automated Installation with
ENGL ZToolkit.

During these staging processes the client makes an auto-login to eDiretcory
and ActiveDirectory and should also make a passtrough login to ZCM.

I have noticed that the adaptive agent is not logging in as my install user and
in this case no bundles will be installed. If I log in to the adaptive agent manually
with the same user at this stage the bundle will run and installed.

The ZCM Agent Login windows does also not popup.

If i look to the Log-Files:

Fragements nwgina.log

[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaSetWinlogonTimeoutValue entered
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaZenLogin returning 1244
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Domain: FLS
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Local MachineName: ZRH808061
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] User is logging onto AD Domain
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Authenticated to eDir
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Setting the key whether local or domain login & eDir login
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Set the Value Domain/Local
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaProcessDynamicLocalUser called!
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] CheckIfWorkstationManagerEnabled entered
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaRemoveBackslashesFromStrings entered
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] ZEN10 user did not authenticate
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaProcessDynamicLocalUser exiting with 50
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaLoginLocal entered
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Attempting local login
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] User Name : 'zrhadmin'
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Domain : 'FLS'
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Setting passwords to NOT synched
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] Attempting GinaLogonUser
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaIsActiveConsoleSession active console session = 0 by API.
[11:35:52:921] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] GinaIsActiveConsoleSession returning TRUE (active 0, current 0).
[11:35:52:953] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] LsaLogonUser SUCCESSFUL SubStatus 0x0
[11:35:52:953] [NWGINA-2D0-2D4] g_szLogonServer is: \\ZRH-DC01


[ZENLGN-2D0-2D4] Log file opened - 02FEB2011 11:35:52.906 - max log size 0KB (0x00000000KB, 0MB)

ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] ZenLgnLoginUI entered
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] It would appear that we have been called from the Winlogon process (NWGina.dll)
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] CALWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] CLNWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] CLXWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] NETWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] g_bClient32IsInstalled is TRUE
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] Entered Load resource DLL
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] Language I got from API is: DES
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] pDomain_Controller_Info->DomainControllerName = dk.flsmidth.net
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] WTSLoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] WTSLoadDLL returning
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] RegQueryValueEx on value DisablePassiveModeLogin Failed: 2
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] CheckIfLoginAllowed Entered
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] Checking if this machine is an NT Server.
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] Microsoft Windows XP ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] Professional
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:906] CheckIfLoginAllowed returning TRUE
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:921] IsWorkstationConnected entered
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:921] IsWorkstationConnected returning 0
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:921] Calling ZENGetAuthoritativeSources
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:921] ZENGetAuthoritativeSources returned
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:921] ZENGetAssociatedRealmNames Failed: 1
ZENLGN [2D0-2D4] [11:35:52:921] ZenLgnLoginUI exiting: 1244

If i set to DebugLevel 3 and DebugLogFolderPath c:\Temp in client.conf, no
log file will be created in c:\Temp.

If the automated install is finish and i login as a normal user everythings works fine.

Thanks for support