VibeOnPrem 3 Install guide says:
Office applications:
    *      Linux: 3.1.1 or later
    *      Windows: Microsoft Office 2007 or later; 3.1.1 or later
    *      Mac: 3.1.1 or later
Admin Guide says:
14.2 Changing Global File Associations for Edit
in Place Applications
When calling applications with the Edit in Place feature, Novell Vibe uses standard file associations.
If your organization uses different file associations, you can reconfigure Vibe to use the preferred
file associations.
So... for a site that doesn't use MS Office or OpenOffice, it would seem to be possible to change the association for opening .txt docs from 'winword' to 'notepad'. But more importantly, is it possible (and better yet, supported) to add an association for WPD so that WordPerfect documents can be edited in place ?