Using GWMS 1.0 build 290

I have one user that fails to sync. The problem appears to be on the back-end but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it. Here's what I see:

1. He doesn't appear at all on the GroupWise connector monitor page
2. He does appear on the Mobility connector monitor page but with a sync state of failed

I've removed him from mobility and added back as well as clicked the "re-initialize the user" button (on the connector monitor page) to no avail. I've looked at the logs for both connectors and don't see him anywhere. I've run a GWCheck (analyze/fix structure and contents) against his online GroupWise mailbox but nothing seems to resolve the issue. I was using build 183 and just updated to 290 with the hope the problem would be resolved; no such luck.

When I click the "re-initialize" button, the status goes from failed --> re-init --> syncing-init --> failed

None of my other 15+ users are having any problems. Typically, I add them to my mobility group, they populate the connector screen and sync without any intervention whatsoever. Note this is well before he tries connecting his device (an iPhone) -- it seems to be a mobility/GW connector sync issue.

Thanks for the help!