I have installed Netstorage on a SLES10SP3-OES2SP2a server and I'm having a problem with contextless login not working as advertised. We have users in about 40 different contexts. The documentation said to have Netstorage search the entire tree for the user, I should enter [root] as the default context. I did that and when I look at the primary domain config in iManager the context is displayed as a weird symbol. Contextless login does not work. I also tried adding a search context of the organization object (o=pisd) but Netstorage only looks for the user in that context and does not walk the tree. Am I going to have to enter every context where a user exists into the list? That does not seem right. If I do enter a lower context, then users within that context can log in as well. Is this the way it is supposed to work?