One user in our company is using Windows 7 x64 and is having a trouble with latest Novell Client. It seems that specific program we use here that accesses databases from network drive is capable of repeatedly producing BSOD's in ncfsd.sys. Normally everything works but as this user had to put the program through some more rigorous usage tests today, he got four identical BSOD's in duration of few hours.

What happened was that immediately after starting the program it sometimes hung on it's first database access attempt. It was seemingly random that the program would hung on any particular time and not on some other - usually it started up normally as it has done already for months on that same system. If it hung, OS and other programs continued to be responsive for a minute or two (Netware server was also accessible), and only then - always - the BSOD came.

The databases our program uses are of Clipper / Foxpro type (DBF).

I uploaded file Heigo_20110208.7z containing one of the minidumps to ftp.novell.com incoming folder, perhaps You can read something useful out of it. Other minidumps contain the same (bugcheck 0xd1, error in ncfsd.sys, checked with WinDbg).