On one of our Netware 6.5 sp8 servers with GroupWise 8.02 abends every 1-3 weeks.

We have several other servers that are Netware 6.5 sp8 with GroupWise 8.02 with no issues.

Novell support had me add /nodca to poa file. That did not help the situation.

I was then told to go use 8.02HP2, since it is new I am a bit hesitant.

I checked the loaded NLMs on a server that does not abend against a the server that abends.

I found that the server that does not abend loads IPXS.MPM, IPXSPX.MPM, LSL.MPM,NETDB.MPM, SNMP.MPM,SPX.MPM, TCPIP.MPM, TLI.MPM.

While the server that abends does NOT load these MPMs. Is this a real difference that I should be concerned with? I do not know what MPMs do. There were other differences with the 2 servers, but this got my eye.

Phil J.