Hey Everyone,

Iam currently planning/testing the windows 7 rollout at one of our customers. About 30% of the workstations will fulfill the Hardware Requirements and will be updated from WinXP to Win7.

The Customer has decided that it would be the easiest and fastest way to exchange the HDDs locally instead of imaging the machines right in place (argh).
So the new HDDs with Windows 7 Image on it will be put into the workstations right in the offices.

I altered the Imaging/Sysprep Process so that before sysprepping a prompt for the Workstation Name comes up (which is written into the unattend.xml afterwards)
The Workstation will then do its sysprepping and grab the Image Safe Data via %COMPUTERNAME%.zis from a network share (which works flawless so far) and shut down before finalizing (setting WSUS Group, Building, Room, etc. via a form) and installing the ZCM Agent (10.3.1).
So the HDD with win7 is just put into the workstation, boots, ZCM Agent is installed, just imaged flag is set, so "After Imaging Agent" does it job and Ive got the Workstation running with the right ZCM Agent GUID etc. again.

My Problem at the moment is, gathering the Image Safe Data from all Workstations throughout the Network.
I tried a few Run Script Bundles for example like this:
net use * \\......\ISD /user:bla bla /persistent:no
"%ProgramFiles%\Novell\ZENworks\bin\preboot\ziswin .exe" -export \\....\ISD\%COMPUTERNAME%.zis

(does not matter if I use a dedicated mounted Drive Letter here or the UNC Path)

But I run into a lot of trouble with the User Rights. Doesnt matter if i set it to System/User/Administrator
net use works without any problems, but exporting the ISD afterwards always brings up problems

The only combination so far, running was when the User logs in via eDir, getting the Admin-DLU. (We have AD and eDIR running parallel here)
Even in this case the export Command has to be run by ZCM as Administrator and only to a local folder, afterwards the %COMPUTERNAME%.zis is copied via ZCM Setting "User", etc.

Run Script Actions are set up like this:
Script to Run: Define your own script
Script content: ...
Script file extension: .bat
Path to Script Engine: C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe
Script Engine Parameters: /c
Wait before proceeding to next action: When action is complete
Success Return Codes: empty
Working Directory: C:\
Priority: High
Run As: ...

The only Bundle working in at least 20% of the tested Workstations is set up of multiple Run Scripts. First i tried putting it all into one Run Script, but this did not work at all

1) Script Content: if exist z: (net use z: /delete)
net use z: \\SharingWorkstation\ISD /USER:Username Password /PERSISTENT:NO
Run As: User

2) Script Content: "%ProgramFiles%\Novell\ZENworks\bin\preboot\ziswin .exe" -export c:\temp\%COMPUTERNAME%.zis
Run As: Administrator

3) Script Content: copy C:\temp\%COMPUTERNAME%.zis z:\%COMPUTERNAME%.zis
Run As: User

4) Script Content: net use z: /delete
Run As: User

When trying to export directly via ziswin to the network share, it does not work with either Run As Setting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)