Hey guys,

Randon question of the day for you.

We have a bunch of laptop users who by their nature are a security nightmare. A lot of them stay in hotels and expect to be able to use the public wifi.

When the laptop users are in head office, their internet proxy server setting are always set to a company proxy, so we can control the content they go to. We however run into an issue when the laptop users are in a hotel, they have to be able to turn off these proxy setting so that they can connect to a hotels "internet pay system" (its different for evey hotel). Once the laptop has payed for internet services, and is allowed on the internet, we'd then like a VPN connection to be made and the proxy settings restored.

I know ZESM can force a VPN connection whenever it finds a location it doesn't know, but I don't know how we can get round the problem, of the laptop user having to pay for internet services first (on a hotel internal web page which requires a proxy settings change). It could be any hotel, so IP address's will never be the same.

Has anyone got any idea's if we can get round this with ZESM.