This is a general note and request for help.

I have a Dell Dimension 8250 connected to a Dell 1184 Truemobile
(Firmware Version 2.12(2003/2/6 )), which is connected to a Comcast
Modem (PCX1100). If I leave this connection as stated, I'm able to
connect to my work's VPN server (Novell BorderManager 3.7 SP2).
when I try to login or pcAnywhere to my work PC, nothing happens. I'm
able to ping the BMServer or pcAnywhere into my Work PC.

Yet, if I connect my Dimension 8250 directly to the Comcast Cable
(PCX1100) and obtain my IP from there, I'm able to log into my work
network or pcAnywhere to my work PC.

I've looked at the Dell router settings pages and don't see anything configurable that would allow the VPN Server to "See" my PC.

Have I missed something. NOTE: We are not using NAT on our BMServer.

Chris Premo