Hi all,

I have a problem with the AFP protocol under Netware 6.5 SP8. The same User has not the same rights between AFP and SMB.


User XY has the rights to open the folder "Example" and copy files to it.

With Windows (Novell Client) all is okay. With a MAC connected via CIFS (SMB) all is okay. We are able to put files into the folder Example. The same user XY connect now with Mac over AFP. But now he has not the rights to save files in the folder Example. Please notice. We are talking about the same user with the same rights but with other protocol.

The server we are talking about is Netware 6.5 SP8 with the newest EDir 8.8 SP5. The AFP NLM is version 2.09.01.

Has anyone an idea what i could looking for ?

Thank you Andreas