Hi everybody,

I try to initiate a VPN Connection to a Border Manager 3.7 (NW6 SP3 -BM37SP2.EXE - BM37FP3) from a W2k SP3 4.83 SP2 Client (BM37VPN2.EXE

On a dial-up line the VPN works fine !!!!

with a DSL router Cisco 826, the connection is dropped after about 1
minute, after having succesfully connected the VPN server and having
started the login sequence...

The following error message appears in a window: VPN Server is not
responding. Disconnecting

I disable the Cisco firewall on the client site and remove all filters

on the server side, without any success...

I saw on Craig's site (http://nscsysop.hypermart.net/vpnnat.html),
reports about problems with NAT/VPN/DSL Router...

Does my problem relate with this issue? Is it the error we get when
router is not compatible? So that if I choose one of the dsl router
listed in Craig's list, it will work???? Or could it be an other

In a Novell TID, it is said that Cisco and Netgear routers are
compatible... Does somebody have any experience with DSL Cisco 826? In

this forum, JM. Fuge reports problem with a Cisco, corrected with a

Unfortunately I don't have a netgear to test; I tried a multitech DSL(RFS500) router with exactly the same problem...

Thanks for any suggestion...

Kind regards