Hey Gang,

I have been pondering this as I have a client who is ready to get new hardware and software. We of course want to stay with Novell ( F&P etc. ) and GroupWise. Currently a GW 7 haus but will be upgrading to GW 8.

So... Being in the earthquake prone SF Bay Area he wants to have a remote and completely synchronized server to simply pick up the load should the worst case scenario occur.

Now as fo the F&P stuff RSync is a great tool that will do the file sync intelligently ( only new and changed files, word docs, spreadheets etc...) , but GW is an entirely different kettle o' fish.

So.... I am thinking a clone of the server and have GW setup as a cluster. The system is front ended by Postini and it will re-direct based upon a non-responding server ( much like having your secondary MX ) to a different server. So... The question is my learned friends is will GW be able to do this across wan links? Is this a reasonable solution given GW's architecture?

thanks in advance!