Weird problem that my users found......

I have a user that receives a email with an attachment. They open that
attachement from within the GW message using the app that associated with it
(Word, Adobe, etc...)

Once they have the attachement open, they select the "Send to" or "Email"
which invokes the GW email send, the document is then attached and ready to
go in a new send email dialogue.

They address it and send it, all works fine... but then they go back to that
app that opened the orginal document and they have an "Operation cancelled"
dialogue with the option to click OK.

Email was sent, all is good but the user is upset that they have to click
the "OK" button.

FYI - This worked perfectly in the GW 7 client (Without the OK thing)
Doesn't matter what the app is either, Word 7, Wordpad, etc.... AND this
same thing happens when a file is opened normally and the "Send to" is used
(at first I thought it might be issue of not saving the attachment before
sending it)

Any thoughts?