Hi folks,

In the process of trying to update my ZCM to 10.3.2 I have hit a bit of a problem.

When I try to deploy it I get an error.

The update for ZCM (10.3.2) update requires the following updates to be downloaded and authorized before it can be deployed

Clear enough, however 10.3.0a has been downloaded and deployed ages ago.

If I look at 10.3.0a in the update window its status is error -

The downloaded system update files appear to be corrupted. Try to re-download the update again.

But selecting it and clicking download results in nothing happening. The system update window reloads and the error status remains, it does not change to download.

I know system update can download as I downloaded 10.3.2 today. We do not use a proxy server so it can not be a corrupt file stuck there.

ZCM is installed on Suse

Any ideas ?