Since upgrading our ZCM Servers to 10.3.2 on all workstations independent of the agent version (we have upgraded only a smal ws footprint to 10.3.2) every 30 seconds >Could not download bundle content for Knowledge Base Files [3.6.A.24.16] because a ZENworks Server could not be located.< is logged. In the zmd-messages.log file >Call to PutFile threw an exception: "None of the source locations could be found< is recorded.
I have read all the threads with simmilar content, tried the suggested solutions, no success. I have deleted the PRU's, the DAU's, no success. I cannot find a bundle >Knowledge Base Files ...< to delete this.
All other bundles are working well, no problems.

We need urgend help because this (corrupted ?) bundle makes it impossible to use the messaging feature of ZCM