Hi there,

My DNS server recently behave incorrectly, at least to my comprehension. First, here's my setup:

My DNS servers have a forward list of 3 servers, the 2 first can resolve names of a larger intranet+internet, the last can only resolve internet names. It appears that dns requests were forwarded not only to the first one but to any of them, producing unresolved requested when a request for the intranet why submitted to the 3rd server of the forward list.

I've always thought DNS servers were forwarding the request to the first server of the list and if this server wasn't responding, it would forward to the second, and so on.

I've installed ethereal and it shows that they are all used, not only the first in the list.

I've found an option in iManager (forward: first or only) I've never seen before (was using DNS/DHCP Console and this option is in another tab, burried with many other options) and though I haven't touched it (left to "first") I wondered if this could explain this behaviour.

Anyone have an clear explanation of this option, or hint of what's happening to my DNS servers?

BTW: servers are SLES10SP3 with OES2SP2