It appears you can't open a file and use the "Send as an attachment" or
"Email" from that app.

Abobe PDF ready gives dumb response that operation cancelled and requires a
ok response BUT it appears the email "might" get sent.

MS Office is really bad (2007), In Excel 2007 you select Send... Email...
and it bring up GW send dialog and you can hit send but then the Excel app
pops up with:

"Microsoft Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an
OLE action"

with an OK button, no matter now many time you click "OK" you can't return
to Excel and the same thinkg pops back up. The message is not sent and the
only way to get out of Excel is to exit the GW client and the email message
does not get sent.

Is Novell getting paid by Microsoft to keep these bugs in the GW client so
that Outlook and Exchange looks better?

This problem was there with GW 8

GW 8.1 HP1

And I can confirm that it's still there now with GW 8 SP2 HP2 - Novell
statement is that it's reported to engineering and to use the GW 7 client -
Thank you Novell, I just pushed out 2,000 client installs and now have to go
back by hand and re-install the old client on at least a 100 computers.