I have VPN between two sites, lets name them MAIN and BRANCH. Master
VPN server (BM30) resided on MAIN and has address, slave
on BRANCH with address. Between these networks everythingseems to be fine.
On the MAIN site there is another ip segment - with NetWare server This
segment connected to via shdsl router. No filters are setbetween these networks, and everything is fine also.
When I'm trying to ping BRANCH server ( from -

it successfully pings, but if I'm trying to get from to - it never reached it's destination. has route for via shdsl router
shdsl router has default route to and are registered

as protected networks in BM VPN page on master server for MAIN site
server, are protected network for BRANCH

Does anybody have an idea what should be corrected in this situation?Any help is greatly appreciated.