I rarely add or update contacts, so I don't know if this has been a problem for a while, or newly introduced with the Mobility Pack build 290 that I applied this weekend. As I was testing whether groups sync properly (my other post) I found that no contact data is syncing now. If I add or update a contact on the phone, nothing changes in Groupwise. If I add or update a contact in Groupwise, no change on the phone. I've tried this with both 3G and WiFi connectivity, with both an Motorola DroidX and an iPhone 4. Same result. Email delivery seems fine on both phones. In the mobility connector monitor, my user account shows 3 pending items for the /Contacts folder. It seems that something is happening, but maybe the process is stuck? Where do I go from there?

Also, I believe when we originally tested, creating a new contact on the phone synced the change to the 'Frequent Contacts' book in Groupwise, regardless of which book(s) were configured for sync. Is that the way it still is and has to be? I personally don't like using the FC book. What book should new contacts from the phone go to?