I'm having an interview for a new job in a few days, and they would like a bit of "Novell experience", as they put it. I'm new to Novell altogether as I've never worked with a client with any Novell infrastructure.
I'm assuming when they say "Novell", they're referring to NetWare/OES in general. I've been told it would be good to at least get an understanding of it a bit before the interview so I have something to talk about, even if I don't have any real world experience.
Are there any free and easy learning resources to get me started so I can at least wrap my head around it all? I come from a very Microsoft-centric environment and am very familiar with all of Microsofts enterprise products, so any comparisons would be useful as well I suppose.

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, was hard to find one that fits!