?Having just upgrades to Update 3 I notice that on some users any change in
the GrouWise address book selected to sync, does not update on the remote
device. the following is the data in the groupwise log;

[objectID:] [FailedEvent] This address book is not marked for sync!
Dropping contact...

Hav tried changing the selected address book, on Dat Synchronizer user
settings, adding new address books and selecting etc... but still receive
the same error. Even tried removing and re-adding the user, but no change.

The address book is synchronizing, and changes mad on the mobile device sync
to GroupWise, but no changes in GroupWise get to the mobile device, unless
mobile account deleted and then re-added to do a complete resync. All Mail
and calendar data syncs fine.

Any suggestions? Where are these settings stored for the user?

Mark Behrens