I'm new to this certificate-thing so I'm wondering if I've gotten this right:
We're going to use RapidSSL. I sent a .csr but was declined, they want a 2048 bit key.
I created a new .key-file using openssl with 2048 bit encryption (called it sync.key). I made a csr out of that one (sync.csr). Am I correct so far?
I'm thinking that I should give this csr-file to RapidSSL (I tested it on their site and as far as I can see it's right).
I will then receive a file from them. I will make sure I get a .pem-file or convert it into a .pem-file. I will then put it in /var/lib/datasync/device and in /var/lib/datasync/webadmin (renaming it to server.pem).
Is this the way to do it or have I missed something?