We got this scenario;

today, client's running a network with 1 tree
with 3 office's in the cities.

Network is 5.0, 5.1 and 1 new 6.0 server.

This WAN is created through a framerelay service
from an ISP.

What we will do now shortly is to move the communication from
the frame relay to 1 local BM server on each site and create a network

through the VPN instead.

Both the new line's and the old frame relay will be available at the
same time for a short period before the old frame relay is to be

Each office have at least 1 more server then the new, coming BM server

What I need to sort out is how to approach this the best way,
is it just " set up the new BM server on each site, making sure that
they work site-site VPN ok and then move the existing servers from the

old line to the new config by simpy changing the default gateway on
each server...??

Any tip's or questions that I've missed..??