We are a Novell site and have a mixed group of computers on site. Everything from Linux, to Mac, to Windows, XP and 7 both Pro. We have the network set up that when a user logs in their "my documents folder" is redirected to a network drive. We have had no issues with this in Windows XP pro. However on Windows 7 Pro we can net get this to work. Here are the steps

Log in as local admin with is default so mapping or anything special.
Next we log in as our self which brings up the network mapping
We install the program
Then what is supposed to happen is when ever someone logs into that machine they have access to all programs and everything automatically saves to their network drive. However this is not happening. If you sign in as local admin it all works fine but as soon as you add the network portion we receive an error stating that itunes could not start due to insufficient rights.

Can someone please help me with this.

We are on Zen agent 10.3.1