We have iphones and the documentation told me that we can search into our global groupwise adressbook for sending mail or something.
But we never seen that working. We have update 3.
We seen on the iphone 4 a button Global adres list, but this is empty.

According to TID 7007765:
- Launch Web Admin by typing https://IPAddressOfMobilityServer:8120
- Login to Web Admin.
- Click the Mobility Connector (mobility).
- Type a GroupWise User in the Address Book User:
- Click Save Custom Settings.
- Click Home on the Web Admin and restart the mobility connector

But how do i type the groupwise user there.
is it the normal Groupwise username/id?
or is it like cn=user1,o=organisation ?

I have now used the "cn=" method, but maybe thats a problem.

What do you have set there?