I have set up a server and am having problems with the cert. I have a cert from rapidssl that has an intermediate cert. My cert looks like this:

RSA Private Key
Server Cert
Intermediate Cert
Root Cert

Then I copy the pem to /var/lib/datasync/device/moblity.pem and /var/lib/datasync/webadmin/server.pem

Both the same cert

I use the following tool to check the sites and receive interesting results.

Is my site safe? Check your SSL certificate with our Site Check, SSL Checker

When I just use 443 it works fine, but when I use 8120 I get an error on the intermediate cert. (I have copied the cert from mobility to webadmin/server.pem)

Is there something going on with how the webadmin is presenting the cert that is incorrect?

The second problem is weak ciphers.
I have followed the blog (GroupWise Mobility: Figuring out Certificates! | Novell User Communities) to set it and it still comes back with "Accepting low encryption cipher suites" from the same site mentioned before.